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Subcontracting/Teaming Opportunities

Teaming.  Small businesses are usually much more specialized than large businesses, and can't always fulfill all of a contract's requirements. Some projects just require a larger work force or a higher volume of work than a small business can produce. If your company can perform on part but not all of a project, consider teaming with another small business to bid on the contract.

Subcontracting.  Just like teaming, subcontracting is a great way for a niche business to break into government contracting. In fact, many small businesses start their government contracting efforts by subcontracting- it allows small businesses to build government experience while letting the prime contractor deal with most of the red tape involved. Plus, it's a win-win for the prime and subcontractor- a government proposal from a prime contractor with one or more small-business subcontractors is more attractive to the agency.

Resources for Teaming/Subcontracting

FedBizOpps- Interested Vendors Module  (Bidder's List).  The FedBizOpps system includes the capability to join and view a published list of vendors interested in a particular solicitation. This is useful for vendors who are interested in teaming on procurement opportunities. In order to register as an interested vendor for a particular solicitation, the "Register as Interested Vendor" button must be available from the listing page for a solicitation. If the contracting officer has not enabled this service for this solicitation number, then the "Register as Interested Vendor" button will not be available. In this case, you will need to contact the point of contact listed in the synopsis for information regarding the bidder's list.

System for Award Management (SAM).  All vendors interested in doing business with the federal government must register their business in SAM.  You can enter a DUNS number, CAGE code or Business Name to search for the entities that you are interested in reviewing.

Subcontracting Opportunities Directory.  SBA obtains the names and addresses for this listing from subcontracting plans that are submitted to the Government when a large business receives a Federal contract over $650,000 (over $1.5 million in construction).

SUB-Net.  The SUB-Net database is a listing of subcontracting solicitations and opportunities posted by large prime contractors and other non-federal agencies.

GSA Subcontracting Directory.  Published as an aid to small business concerns seeking subcontracting opportunities with General Services Administration (GSA) prime contractors.  Large business prime contractors receiving federal contracts valued at over $1.5 million for construction, $650,000 for all other contracts, are required to establish plans and goals for subcontracting with small business firms. This directory is a listing of GSA contractors with subcontracting plans and goals.

USASpending.gov.  You can perform a great deal of research about federal contracts:

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