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Micro-purchases means the acquisition of goods (up to $3,000), services ($2,500) or construction ($2,000).  Micro-purchases may be awarded without soliciting competitive quotations if the contracting officer or individual appointed considers the price to be reasonable.  Such purchases must be distributed equitably among qualified suppliers.  The government-wide commercial purchase card is the preferred method to purchase and to pay for micro-purchases.  The Purchase Card Program allows small businesses another way in which to target business opportunities within the government.  More than 392,000 Federal government employees are using the purchase charge cards.  The purpose of this program is to reduce administrative costs, streamline payment procedures in the area of small purchases and to improve opportunities for small and small disadvantaged business concerns to do business with government.

Purchase cards may be either a Visa or MasterCard.  They operate just like any other corporate charge card.  If you do not currently accept these cards, contact any financial institution or one of the GSA SmartPay contractors to establish a merchant account.  They include: Bank of America, Bank One, Citibank, Mellon Bank and US Bank.  These five contractors provide the GSA SmartPay cards to over 300 Federal agencies.  GSA SmartPay is the Federal government charge card program.  Federal cardholders use the program to pay for commercial goods and services, travel related expenses and fleet expenses.

GSA has developed a logo to identify the GSA SmartPay program. By using this logo, cardholders will know you accept the card.  Click here to register to download GSA SmartPay card background designs.

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