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GSA'S Federal Supply Schedule

The General Services Administration (GSA) contracts with companies in order to make products and services available to other federal agencies. Obtaining a contract with GSA is similar to having your product or service listed in a catalogue - it does not guarantee that anyone will buy from the catalogue. But, having your product/service on a Schedule makes it much easier for other agencies to purchase from you.

GSA's Federal Supply Schedules, also known as Multiple Award Schedules (MAS), are contracts that allow federal customers to acquire more than 4 million services and products directly from more than 8,600 commercial suppliers.

GSA Schedules cover a vast array of commercial items--from office supplies and copier paper to systems furniture, from computers to laboratory equipment, and services ranging from accounting to graphic design to landscaping. Customers can order services and products using the GSA Advantage! online ordering system.

To become a GSA Schedule contractor, you must first be awarded a contract. To obtain a GSA Schedule contract, you must submit an offer in response to the applicable GSA Schedule solicitation. GSA awards contracts to responsible companies that offer commercial items falling within the generic descriptions in the GSA Schedules.

Contracting Officers determine whether prices are fair and reasonable by comparing the prices/discounts that a company offers the government with the prices/discounts that the company offers to its commercial customers. The negotiation objective is commonly known as "most favored customer" pricing. To make this comparison, GSA requires offerors to provide commercial pricelists and disclose information regarding their pricing/discounting practices.

Getting Started:

Identify the GSA Schedule solicitation that covers your services or products.

Review the list of GSA Schedule Solicitations to determine the applicable GSA Schedule and corresponding solicitation number under which your services or products may be offered. A point of contact is provided for each Schedule solicitation.

Search Schedules e-Library by keyword to identify services or products covered by GSA Schedules. Each GSA Schedule has a point of contact who can provide specific information about individual GSA Schedule items.

Review the FSS Contractor Guide. This document will provide you with valuable information regarding the GSA Schedules Program.

Visit FedBizOpps to obtain a copy of the GSA Schedule solicitation. From the FedBizOpps website-- Click on "go" next to the "Find Business Opportunity" on the left side of the screen.  Scroll down to the "Search by Solicitation/Award Number" bar, and type in the applicable solicitation number for the services or products you are interested in offering. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on "Start Search."

GSA's Office of Small Business Utilization offers workshops on "How to Obtain a GSA Schedule Contract." Details regarding these sessions are available online.

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